30 Things I Am Better for Knowing Because I Know You

  1. Make sure the butter is cold and loosely integrated into your pie dough
  2. John Prine
  3. Do your research
  4. There is always more room in the fridge
  5. Most drinks are too sweet
  6. Spatial reasoning can be hard and talking about it can be even harder
  7. Scrabble is not a casual game
  8. There is a time & place for reality TV
  9. Nasturtium butter
  10. Mind your easements
  11. Zozobra
  12. Pachinko
  13. “Is this enough cheese?” is the holy grail of kitchen questions
  14. Remember your tummy
  15. Happy cakes only
  16. Even a bad noodle can be a tasty noodle
  17. Only you can prevent forest fires
  18. Spirit of a captain
  19. Do more
  20. Little Beef
  21. Potatoes can be medicine
  22. Cuba
  23. When it comes to picking a traveling companion, I’d better pick you
  24. You are a model for handling my father
  25. I am more productive & efficient when I am with you
  26. I can make up a story off the top of my head with just a name, a kind of animal, & a drowsy audience
  27. Never underestimate the imagination of a lion, especially while she’s sleepy
  28. Never underestimate the importance of Christmas ornaments
  29. Never underestimate the charms of making the bed
  30. Once upon a time, the beautiful girl at the Sidewalk Cafe I could not fathom being there was, somehow, miraculously, someone I would come to know & love